Tweetles makes website management a breeze.

1. Ad Rotators
Ad Rotators - What's important and happening? An ad rotator is a set of content items consisting of images, HTML, and Flash. These can b..
2. Admin Usage
Admin Usage - Who is doing their job? Do you have a specific person who updates your website now? Do you know if they even do their work..
3. Affiliate Programs
Affiliate Programs - Partners Welcome The Affiliate Programs are a system in Tweetles that tracks referred leads and enables the busines..
4. Analytics
Analytics First Class Reporting Every page on your site is automatically reported on. Every module, literature item, sales item... ALL o..
5. Blogging
Blogging - Share your thoughts, ideas, and new products or services. The Tweetles system supports blogs, which you can configure and add..
6. Bookings
Bookings - Accept RSVP's for your event on your website Do you love having events, but hate the fact that no one RSVP's? With the online..
7. Cases
Cases - Filter and find what you're looking for. Cases are created automatically when a visitor uses a web form (http://www.tweetles.com..
8. Catalog
Catalog - Where do I find... The reason for the Catalog section in Tweetles is to separate the products that your company sells in multi..
Comments - What do YOU have to say? Does your company want honest feedback, but you do not know how to get it? How about increased traff..
10. Create a Customer Report
Create a Customer Report - Customized reports for your customers It does not matter if you are a big company or a smaller one, one thing..
11. Create a Website Report
Create a Website Report - Find out about your website Website reports in the system are reports that you can create to find out about yo..
12. Create an E-Commerce Report
Create an E-Commerce Report - Sell Products or Take Payments? Many businesses do not like to search through their inventory every time t..
13. Customer Database CRM
What Is CRM Anyways? Do I need Customer Relationship Management - Customer Database CRM is short for Customer Relationship Management. I..
14. Customers
Customers - Records that you can search through The Customer record is much like the search (http://www.tweetles.com/features/search-peo..
15. Discount Codes
Discount Codes - Can I get it cheaper?? Everyone loves discounts, right? So why not offer them to the customers who purchase products fr..
16. Dynamic Menus
Dynamic Menus - Easy Navigation Once people get to your site, where should they go? You can use the Dynamic Menus module to create site ..
17. eCommerce
e-Commerce Features Main Features of e-Commerce Sell real products or e-Products Give individualized discounts to any cust..
18. Ecommerce Forecasts
E-commerce Forecasts - Predicting the future Don't you wish you could know the future? Well, now you can! With Tweetles Forecasts it is ..
19. Email Campaigns
Email Campaigns - Share it with the world! Email Campaigns - or Newsletters, are one of the most cost-effective and influential marketin..
20. Email Marketing
Email Marketing Features Main Features of Email Marketing Choose over 200+ design templates One-off and loyalty based campaig..
21. Forums
Forums – Build an online community Many website users like to voice their opinion on certain topics. Forums allow them to do so. F..
22. Gift Vouchers
Gift Vouchers - I need to give a gift! Do you ever have to buy someone a gift but you do not know their size, what they like, or if they..
23. Lead Management
Lead Management Features Main Features of Lead Management Build any number of customer lead web form without any programming..
24. Lists
Lists - You're not on the list A List is such a great way to keep track of all your important customers, and with Tweetles you can do ju..
25. Media Library
Media Library - Complete download Media liberary is a dominant tool for instant publishing of downloadable web content. Your ..
26. News
News - Extra! Extra! Read all about it. News are like notes you can post on your site to update visitors about something new. There are ..
27. Opportunities
Opportunities - Set your sights high! Opportunities are just like goals. Once you have met with a customer, you should set a goal to tra..
28. Orders
Orders - What and when did I order? The Orders feature is a lot like the customers (http://tweetles.com/features/customers) and search (..
29. Other
Other Features SEO Integrates with Google/Yahoo/Live sitemap. A daily feed of all content within website is produced for maximu..
30. Payment Gateways
Payment Gateways - Paypal, Authorize.net, Google Wallet, Sage Pay, Webpay & more. A Payment Gateway is a service that authorizes and..
31. Photo Galleries
Photo Gallery - A picture lasts a lifetime Photo Galleries are very important to have on your website. The photos give a visual and more..
32. Products
Products - What you sell The most important thing about having an E-Commerce website is the products you sell. Even though there are oth..
33. QuickBooks
QuickBooks - Keep your important stuff in one place From setup to support, QuickBooks Online (http://www.quickbooksonline.com) makes you..
34. RSS Channels
RSS Channels - Read the stuff YOU want What if your viewers only want certain information? RSS Channels are offered through Tweetles. RS..
35. Search
Search - Search people and products There are so many people who come and subscribe to websites. How can someone keep track of them all ..
36. Secure Zones
Secure Zones - Members only please! When you need to place private information on your site so that the general public cannot access it,..
37. Segment Customer Database
Segment Customer Database - Get customer information You know when you receive an email from one of your favorite stores, or maybe your ..
38. Shipping Options
Shipping Options - Sending out a product There are so many details that go hand in hand with shipping products. Tweetles Shipping Option..
39. Site Search
Site Search - Can't find what you're looking for? Have you ever gone to a website and could not find what you were looking for? You coul..
40. Sitemap
Sitemap - Get in order The Sitemap is an important page to have on your website. By arranging your web pages (http://tweetles.com/featur..
41. Summary
Summary - Everything you need in one place There are many companies who do not know how they are doing analytically. With the Tweetles s..
42. Tax Codes
Tax Codes - Adding tax to products The tax options can be different depending on the country, state, province or territory you sell your..
43. Tell a Friend
Tell a Friend - Earn Money! Tell a Friend Get $50 per referral* Do you have a friend or colleague who would benefit from using..
44. Web Apps
Web Apps - Add something specific to your site A Web App is a self-contained database you can add to your site. The web app can contain ..
45. Web Forms
Web Forms - Interact with your customers Web Forms are one of the most useful and helpful parts of the Tweetles modules. They allow you ..
46. Web Page Management
Web Page Management - Manage what people see Web Pages are an easy way to make the site just the way your business wants it. If you have..
47. Website Management
Web Site Features Main Features of Web Hosting & Content Management Use SiteWalk to edit your web pages on the fly Use FT..